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Biohacking at Bulletproof Labs

Santa Monica is your ticket to looking and feeling your summer best this winter! Especially after a visit to Bulletproof Labs, where it's their mission to help you perform better, think faster and live happier. Think of it as a workout of the future and for the future with cutting-edge technology dedicated to biohacking. In Bulletproof's words, that means changing your external and internal environments in order to gain full control of your biology and facilitate an upgrade to body, mind, and life.

How is this possible? Their methods include cryotherapy, infrared light therapy, bone, and atmospheric cell trainers as well as a "Cheat Machine" that gives you a week's worth of weight lifting in fifteen minutes. Find balance in the brain with a virtual float tank and meditative offerings for deep relaxation and clarity. Sound crazy? If you have your doubts, stop in for a complimentary consultation. 

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