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gym bars with rings on the beach

Bodybuilding at the Beach

There are always those who somehow keep up on their training routines even while on vacation. In between eating healthy and downing protein smoothies, we invite you to Muscle Beach, a famous stretch of sand perfect for those who like to work out in style.

Located a half-hour from Oceana, Muscle Beach has served as the epicenter for fitness lovers since 1934, where bodybuilders, acrobats, gymnasts, and wrestlers feel at home. Famous names like Bert Goodrich, Russ Saunders, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger have graced the sands of this beach for years, and athletes have continued to flock to this stunning location, regardless of its transfer to Venice Beach in the eighties.

While you’re welcome to do your own routines while visiting, keep an eye on Muscle Beach’s calendar for any upcoming competitions, and always know weekends at the beach offer plenty opportunity to people watch.

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