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Join a Seismic Scavenger Hunt

Pack your bags (or at least a bagged lunch) for a seismic scavenger hunt. On November 17th, California seismologist Stan Schwarz and research geophysicist Morgan Page welcome you aboard their coach for a 'faulty' adventure to see all the rifts and shifts that have pulled much of Southern California apart. Your journey will start at the Caltech Seismological Lab where you'll tour the media and public notification center.
Later you'll get to peer into the Antelope Valley at the San Andreas Fault line. Elsewhere your guides will give you exclusive insight into new and active faults. But don't be fooled. What may look like a lake is actually a pool of water trapped within a sunken patch of land between two fault lines. Smack in the middle of the desert, where does the water come from? Your trusted guides will have all the answers! Contact Atlas Obscura to reserve your seat. 

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