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Palisades Will Rogers 5K &10K Run

The 46th Annual Palisades Will Rogers 5K & 10K Run takes place on Tuesday, July 4th. As runners lace up their shoes and gather at the starting line, the atmosphere is electric with anticipation. This year, one particular team is making waves with their unwavering dedication - Team Oceana from Hotel Oceana Santa Monica.

For an impressive 33rd consecutive year, Team Oceana will be showcasing their commitment to health, fitness, and community by having nearly 100 runners participate in the race. Hotel Oceana Santa Monica, known for its stunning ocean views and exceptional hospitality, has long been a supporter of local events, and their involvement in the Will Rogers Run is no exception.

The Palisades Will Rogers 5K & 10K Run is a cherished tradition, attracting participants of all ages and fitness levels. From seasoned runners looking to beat their personal bests to families enjoying a festive Fourth of July outing, the race offers something for everyone.

Join us on Independence Day and let’s celebrate!