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Los Liones Trail at Topanga State Park

Santa Monica’s Untouched Natural Paradise

Pop quiz: Where is the world’s largest urban national park? If you said Santa Monica, CA, you would be absolutely right. With over 154,000 sprawling acres of land and some 30 trails ready and waiting for hikers, campers, mountain bikers, and equestrians, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is the perfect spot to escape from civilization for a few hours of sublime natural splendor. If you’re up for an invigorating and scenic hike, we highly recommend Los Liones Trail at Topanga State Park, just 10 short minutes from our hotel. The trail won’t look like much when you first enter, but after a brief walk, you’ll find yourself in a verdant thick of foliage and shade. Continue for just over a mile till you reach East Topanga Fire Road, which affords stunning views of Santa Monica Bay. Then, for an even more inspiring panorama, proceed up the sharp incline into the State Park proper, where you’ll be able to look down on the Pacific and out onto the majestic San Bernardino Mountains.

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