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What makes the best brunch in Santa Monica? Well, let’s imagine: It’s Sunday, you’ve slept in or worked out, and now you’re hungry. Maybe you want something healthy? Or trendy? Or with an ocean view? You’re in the right place. Here’s a quick guide.

What are the best brunch spots in Santa Monica? 

Santa Monica is filled with amazing brunch spots where you can dine outside in the sun or in the cool air conditioning with a view, all while sipping on mimosas. Here are some of our favorites, broken down by category for fast reference.

Luxury brunch

Cora’s Coffee Shop (Capo)
When you want luxury, Cora’s Coffee Shop is the place to have an indulgent brunch. The name may sound ordinary, but the food is far from it. If you’ve heard of critically acclaimed chef Bruce Marder then you know you’re in for a treat. He owns the place, too, so there is extra care put into every bite. Insider tip: The truffle mac and cheese here is the same that they serve next door at Capo, but at half the price.

Traditional Brunch

Kreation Kafe
It all started with pressed juice and has grown into so much more. For a scrumptious traditional brunch, Kreation Cafe is definitely a must. From their O-Mega Bowl to their breakfast wraps, the only hard part is deciding which delicious dish to order. Our favorites? Yellow Diamond smoothie with dates, and any of the kabobs or wraps.

Vegan Brunch

Cafe Gratitude
Cafe Gratitude will convince anyone to go vegan. Treat your vegan-palate to some cauliflower mashed potatoes, or some maple miso brussel sprouts. And don’t forget the cashew butter cheesecake. Cafe Gratitude makes vegan delicious, and will convert every vegan-doubter out there.

Best Coffee Spot

Menotti’s Coffee
Just want to grab a coffee? Check out Menotti’s Coffee near Windward Circle in Venice for an energy boost. Not your typical Starbucks, the baristas here know how to precisely and beautifully jump start your day in a truly European tradition. If you’re looking for a morning pick me up that borders on a work of art, Menotti’s Coffee is the place to sip.

Staying at Hotel Oceana?

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