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Looking for trendy restaurants in Santa Monica? There are so many, with new ones popping up all the time. And if you’re lucky, you just might find yourself spotting a famous face at the table across from you. Here’s a quick guide to some of the trendiest spots in Santa Monica.


What food is Santa Monica known for?

Santa Monica is known not so much for one particular type of food or cuisine, but for its sheer variety of options for every palate and preference.


Santa Monica locals are known to order Sugarfish to-go. What do they order? The “Trust Me”. It’s a $52 bento box of nigiri, rolls, sashimi, and edamame. If you’re looking for a truly LA sushi experience, consider a jaunt up to Nobu Malibu. You’ll enjoy an amazing variety of California-inspired sushi selections and unparalleled ocean view. Getting a reservation at Nobu Malibu will be tricky, so consider speaking to your hotel concierge.


If a classic steakhouse is more your style, there’s Capo on Ocean Avenue, and new to the scene is Lucky’s in Malibu. For those looking for a top-tier experience, right on the water, we might suggest Mastro’s Ocean Club, just up Pacific Coast Highway.


In the mood for Italian? Citrin Restaurant on Wilshire is bound to dazzle with its knockout four-course menu for around $150 per person. Or for a slightly higher price tag, try its sister restaurant Melisse, which boasts a two-star Michelin rating and its own four-course tour d’Italia you won’t soon forget.

Which restaurants do celebrities go to in Santa Monica?

Here’s a secret: Celebrities go to all the same restaurants you do. But we know you want the scoop, so here are a few spots you might be a little more likely to see stars.

Giorgio Baldi

On the border of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, Giorgio Baldi is the local’s choice for Italian fine dining. With the feel of a family restaurant and a price tag that requires a family fortune, we think it’s your best chance for a celebrity sighting. Remember, no pictures. Just smile.

Farmshop at Brentwood Country Mart

Who would think that brunch is celeb-spotting primetime? Located on the other side of 26th Street from Santa Monica, the Brentwood Country Mart looks like a great place to buy a book and get some ice cream. Secretly, it’s also a spot to buy some Louboutin’s and enjoy a mimosa across from an A-lister. You’ll need to make reservations far in advance, so talk to your hotel concierge for assistance.

The Draycott

Located in the new Palisades Village, The Draycott may be a humble fancy restaurant, but it attracts some truly high-flying clientele. Maybe it’s the food and the service — or maybe it’s that all those famous faces simply live nearby.

Where do the celebrities hang out in LA?

If you’ve got your heart set on a heart-stopping celebrity encounter while visiting Los Angeles, your best bets are probably Malibu, Hollywood, Brentwood, or of course, Beverly Hills.

On any given evening, you’re likely to encounter a famous face or two at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, or West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. During the day, you might catch a familiar smile at Malibu Country Mart or strolling down Carbon Beach.

Staying at Oceana? We’ll arrange restaurant reservations for you.

At Oceana of Santa Monica, we’re experts at curating the perfect experience for guests, and we know that sampling the finest food in town is a top priority for many. Santa Monica boasts some of the finest dining in the country, and advance reservations are often a must at some of the more exclusive hot spots. When you book your stay at Oceana, let us know what kind of cuisine you might want to sample while you’re in town, or if you already have a particular restaurant in mind, and we will bend over backward to try and get you a table on your desired date.

Oceana also offers four different upscale dining options on our own property, including an oceanfront dining room, luxurious poolside dining, and terrace dining featuring gourmet sushi and pop-in guest chefs offering their latest and greatest creations. And of course, we also offer five-star in-room dining for a more intimate and romantic night in. Whether you’re in the mood to go out on the town, or sample our hotel’s freshly-sourced, guest-exclusive cuisine, the staff at Oceana will make sure you have unforgettable dining experiences at every meal during your stay here in Santa Monica.

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