View of a romantic dinner setup


Santa Monica is one of the best locations for a romantic date at a romantic restaurant. After all, what’s more romantic than dinner by the sea? The ocean views and warm breeze just shout “special occasion.” Here’s a quick guide to Santa Monica’s most romantic restaurants.


What’s the best anniversary restaurant in Santa Monica?

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 50th, a dinner at Giorgio Baldi will mark the occasion with style.

Giorgio Baldi

Topping the list of the best anniversary restaurants near Santa Monica, Giorgio Baldi offers a truly unique experience. In business for thirty years, this family-managed restaurant is all about tradition and authenticity. Treat your someone special to a four course dinner from salad to soup to entree and don’t forget dessert!

What’s the best Santa Monica restaurant with a view?

With so many great restaurants in Santa Monica it might come down to the view that makes or breaks it for you. Some like the ocean while others like the mountains, and some love the hustle bustle of a city. We chose Elephante as the restaurant with the best view. Here’s why.


Depending on your definition of romantic, Elephante offers the best of both worlds. Maybe more date night than anniversary, you get a spectacular ocean view from its downtown location where you also feel the energy of the city. Grab a balcony seat and dine on a fabulous selection of craft cocktails and California cuisine. This might become your favorite restaurant whenever you’re in Santa Monica. It’s always fun, and always a party.

What’s the best date night restaurant in Santa Monica?

If you’re looking to take your honey out for a weekly date night, but still want something special, consider Forma on Montana Avenue.


The words “forma di formaggio” refer to the “whole cheese.” Well, Forma takes cheese to a new level. In fact, our favorite dish Cacio e Pepe is quite literally noodles spun around on a three foot wide block of cheese. The cheese block becomes a mixing bowl, pulling cheese into the noodles on every spin. Sure, you can also enjoy the short ribs, fish, wine, and any number of other pasta dishes — but if you’re a first time visitor? Order the Cacio e Pepe. (Oh, and to clarify: The giant block of cheese does not come to your table. They prepare your Cacio e Pepe in the cheese block, then plate it. Sorry, cheese maniacs.)

What’s the best fine dining restaurant in Santa Monica?

When it comes to strictly the food, Citrin might top the list of the best fine dining restaurants.


Owned by culinary expert Josiah Citrin, a two-star Michelin chef, Citrin is amongst the finest in fine dining. Check out their seasonal a la carte menu or their prixe fixe menu, both available for an outdoor dining experience in the garden. To be clear, we consider Citrin to be a special place for special occasions. So spend wisely, because choosing to have dinner here might mean forgoing your kid’s college fund.

How to get reservations at trendy restaurants?

The best way to get a reservation is to ask your hotel concierge, if you’re visiting or staycationing in Santa Monica. That said, all of the restaurants mentioned above do offer online reservations through Resy, OpenTable, or other apps. However, some spots might even require that you call 30 days in advance to secure a table. For example, to get the exact time and table you want at a spot like Nobu Malibu, locals might call first thing in the morning, thirty days in advance. Isn’t that so LA?

Staying at Hotel Oceana?

Contact our concierge to make a reservation at either of our guests-only restaurants to enjoy a truly bespoke culinary experience, rivaling the best in the world.

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