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Santa Monica is a mecca of health and wellness, offering countless options and experiences to up your self-care game. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular wellness experiences available in and around Santa Monica.


What types of wellness experiences are there in Santa Monica?

In addition to yoga, meditation, and spa services, Santa Monica offers luxury wellness experiences.

Hotel Oceana Fit Escape

A four-day, all-inclusive fitness/wellness retreat, the Hotel Oceana Fit Escape is the ultimate in luxury wellness. Stay in your own suite, and enjoy four days of privately-prepared meals. This unique private experience, limits attendees to five guests, while daily activities include hiking, massage, sound baths, and beach yoga.

Ranch Malibu

If you don’t need to stay in Santa Monica, consider The Ranch Malibu: “…Unplug from your busy daily life and recalibrate the mind and body through an immersive, weeklong results-oriented health program. This retreat delivers sustainable results through a strict, “no-options” philosophy, and a program based upon years of collective experience and observation…”

What are the best yoga wellness experiences in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica might be the yoga capital of California, offering just about every different type of yoga you can think of — from traditional practice to aerobic-fusion options.


For those who want more of a dance/yoga hybrid, with hip hop, rock, and pop music blaring throughout the session, Yoga Hop on Montana Avenue is where it’s at. The popular studio is known for blending the strengthening focus of yoga with the cardio boost of group dance.

CorePower Yoga

On Main Street in Santa Monica, CorePower Yoga is one of the local favorites. Rooted in traditional yoga practices, CorePower will help you focus on your form, while modernizing the yoga experience. Plus, CorePower is walking distance to many of Santa Monica’s hotels on Ocean Avenue.

Sweat Yoga

For heat-seeking sweat-soakers, Sweat Yoga on Arizona Avenue offers uber-intense 100-degree classes that loosen stiff joints, open up pores, and boost metabolism for a cleansing and detoxifying workout.

What are the best spa wellness experiences in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica is home to some of the most luxurious and unique full-service spas in the country.

Hotel Oceana Wellness Spa

Featuring Bottega Veneta bath products and customized spa treatments, the wellness spa at Hotel Oceana offers a unique take on spa services. While there is a spa menu, we encourage guests to customize their services for the ultimate spa experience. Note, the Hotel Oceana Wellness Spa is reserved for guests only.

Alchemie Spa Retreat

Featured in Vogue and Martha Stewart Magazine, Alchemie is an award-winning unisex-geared spa that blends organic products, healing massage, and the latest innovations in skincare to create uniquely customized regimens for each individual client.

Willow Spa

This humble little Zen paradise will pamper you with Thai-influenced techniques and treatments for total body rejuvenation. Enjoy a soothing cup of tea in one of Willow’s serene gardens while you get your nails done, or get blissed-out to the max with one of their famous hot stone massages while listening to the sound of trickling garden fountains.

What are the best meditation experiences in Santa Monica?

Meditation is part of a daily routine for many Santa Monica locals. Whether you’re a devout practitioner or a relative beginner, a guided class at a Santa Monica meditation studio can help you tune in, turn on, and destress.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation on 15th Street has made a name for itself in Santa Monica based largely on word-of-mouth testimony from its satisfied clientele. As the name suggests, this studio focuses entirely on transcendental meditation, and each student works closely with a certified instructor to design an individualized training plan.

Be Crystal Clear

This Eastern-influenced meditation studio is a favorite of Santa Monica’s awakened elite, due in part to the sheer number of techniques and trainings it offers. The cutting-edge studio caters to clientele both young and old, offering mindset coaching and directed therapy.

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