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Santa Monica has tons of spots to get a great blow out for your next event. With so many options, you can opt for a blow-dry, a full spa treatment, or anything in between. And, if you’re like us, nothing feels better than having someone else blow dry your hair. Here are some of the top choices for a blowout in Santa Monica.


Best Blowouts in Santa Monica


If you need a blowout in Santa Monica, why not go to the original blow dry bar? DryBar was the first to introduce the concept of a salon that specialized in just the blowdry. With online appointments and a great location on Montana Avenue, the salon is hip, trendy, and clean. Along with a professional blowout, you can go home with quality products to help you do better blowouts on your own in-between visits to the DryBar.

What more can you ask for? Remember, just like at any salon, the quality of your blowout at any DryBar depends greatly on your individual stylist.

Milk & Honey

If you’re looking for an upscale luxury blowout experience, Milk & Honey is the place to go. It’s a full spa offering one of the most luxurious experiences on the westside — you will be fully immersed in the spa experience. It’s to die for, like really. You will leave thinking it’s heaven on earth. Plus, their products contain hyper-clean ingredients, which is a huge plus. Some people like to combine their blowout with one of many other treatments offered there. Now, be prepared to spend $100+, not for the blow out, but for all the stuff you’ll end up buying when you visit.

Organic Beauty Bar

For a local favorite with an organic twist, you might want to try Organic Beauty Bar. It’s a full salon offering other hair treatments along with a blowout, and includes a gloss conditioning treatment, a keratin treatment, or a body wave perm along with a cut and color. The best part is that everything is organic.

What is a blowout bar?

A blowout bar is where you go when you want “just stepped out of a salon” hair even when you’re not due for a cut or color. The concept was first introduced by Dry Bar in 2010 in Brentwood, California and has spawned many other businesses all specializing in the blowout. These stand alone bars are there for one thing, to tame that mane, Who doesn’t love walking out of a salon with professionally styled hair? If you’re not going to an exclusive blow dry bar, you can get a blowout at some full salons or spas who also provide hair cuts, color, highlights, and more. Locations such as Hotel Oceana offer guests full access to their spa, where a blowout after a day at the pool is the perfect way to end the day and start the night off with a bang.

What exactly is a blowout?

A blowout is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a professional blowdry whenever you want it. It’s almost like having your own personal stylist who will blow dry your hair on an as-needed basis. The process goes something like this. You pick your desired hairstyle, your hair is washed, conditioned and then blow dryed into your selected style. Whether you want it sleek and straight, or big curls, bouncy and wavy, or the big hair look, you’re sure to look fly, or lit, or whatever the on-trend word is today. Bottomline, if you’ve got a big event, a hot date, or just want to look fab, a blowout should be your first stop. Some blowout bars offer membership with discounted prices for those who love more frequent blowouts.

How much does a blowout cost?

The price of a blowout ranges depending on the location and the expertise of the staff. In Santa Monica the average blowout costs about. Prices generally range between $45 to $100+ in Santa Monica.

Staying at Hotel Oceana?

Call our concierge to schedule a bespoke blowout at our guests-only spa. We’ll tailor your blowout to your style, tastes, and upcoming event.

Phone: (310) 393-0486 or 1-800-777-0758

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