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When it comes to the best mani pedis, Santa Monica has it all. Maybe you want to be pampered? Or just something quick? Some spots even cater to your mind and spirit, in addition to your cuticles. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best locations in Santa Monica with the perfect manicure and a soothing pedicure.

Mani Pedi in Santa Monica

Best Mani Pedi in Santa Monica

Milk & Honey Brentwood

This is not the place for a quickie. You’ll want to linger here and take in the spa experience. They have a special lounge just to relax in before indulging in their signature spa experience. Definitely not your typical mani pedi salon, this is a high-end indulgence that sorta makes every other salon pale in comparison.

BonLierre Nail Spa

Walk into this place and you’re transported to a tropical rain forest with oxygen-infused odorless air, all courtesy of their evergreen living wall. Your fingers and toes are then pampered with natural and organic products of the highest quality. Not only will your nails sparkle and shine, your soul might, too.

MiniLuxe Brentwood

Setting the industry standard for ultra-hygenic practices, this nail salon makes self-care a priority. Instead of just treating the mani pedi as a beauty routine, they view it as self expression for every client. If you want a unique set of nails, something that really says “you” this is the place to go.

How much is a mani pedi in LA?

Los Angeles is a big sprawling city, so the price for a mani pedi varies for location. On average, the cost runs from about $20 to $50. Higher end experiences like Milk & Honey might cost $100 and up, but you’re getting more than just a mani pedi for that kinda coin.

How much should you tip for a pedicure?

The standard tip for a pedicure is 20%, but of course it’s up to you. If you feel your service was above and beyond, you might want to tip more. Remember, many of the estheticians and staff work for tips. So, plan accordingly and generously, if you love your experience.

Staying at Hotel Oceana?

Our guest-only salon offers a bespoke mani pedi experience like no other. Call or email our concierge anytime, and we’ll design a spa experience just for you.

Phone: (310) 393-0486 or 1-800-777-0758

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